It Was Cement To Be

I’ve lived in this lovely little house for over 4 years now, which is crazy considering I’ve moved house nearly every year from the age of 18 to 25 (which is a RIGHT pain when you have to complete paperwork and it asks for your address for the last FIVE years)! More to the point, the last 4 years we have put up with the concrete monster at the back of the garden. This has meant I’ve been put off re-designing the garden to how I want, I’ve put off having friends around for BBQs and I’ve put off enjoying a gin and tonic outside in the summer evenings.

This misery has finally come to an end though! Hurrah!


The weekend before last a few of the besties and the main man, my amazing father,  joined Matt and I to tackle the beast. It was a 7 hour slog, pouring our blood, sweat (literally buckets worth) and tears into removing the concrete. We had a big drill the men were passing around (and Lizzie H to be fair) and the rest of us were loading wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with slabs of concrete and rubble. Unfortunately where we live you have to go around the back of 8 – 10 houses and back around the front to drop it all off. It was extremely back breaking and tedious.


However, we had the 80’s and disco music blaring (sorry neighbours), rounds of teas and coffees on the go,  and regular snack breaks. Obviously the thought of a massive Dominos takeaway at the end of it all kept us in high spirits! It was also really motivating to see the progress after a couple of hours, and start to make plans for what the space was going to turn into.

The next step is another hard day of labour removing the soil and other chunks of concrete and hopefully we’ll be down to a level where we can box in the remaining soil and put some foundations down for the decking. We’re going to keep it at the same level as the steps to the alleyway which will make it easier, and look aesthetically good at the back of the garden.

After that my plan is to dig up the larger shrubs and pot them up, to have surrounding the decking area. I can hopefully then add some grass to the garden where the shrubs were.

I cannot thank my friends and family enough for volunteering their time. It truly made me realise how lucky I am! It’s way more fun than paying some professionals as well.

 Before After 

I cannot tell you how excited I now am for next summer. Bring on the G&T’s.


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