DIY: Paintin’ Pots

(As if I’m writing a blog post about DIY and paint skills… I have none, haha)

Recently I worked for a company called Life With Art. They occupied an old office space in Ipswich and ran workshops and exhibitions, providing creative opportunities for members of the community (normally people who are older, living with mental health issues or limited access) to participate in. I came on board for two weeks to help with the visual arts workshops through a creative friend (Dr Amy Mallett – check her out)! Now, I’m normally all about the dance workshops, but this was a fun couple of sessions to test out my abilities in other art forms. It’s mainly about facilitating the space, and instructing the basic steps of the workshop, so I managed to muddle through and had a blast in the process.

We decided to paint flower pots – combining the arts and our love of gardening.  We started by drawing designs on paper templates first, and then built up to transferring them to the pots with acrylic paints. We used some inspiration from good old Pinterest and other google images to kick start our creative juices. I love the mixture of abstract, simple and fun designs we came across. There’s some below to inspire you hopefully to give it a go! It’s a great activity for any age and ability! Much better than a garden of terracotta city.

I was really hesitant about starting on the paint, my sketches looked okay, but I’ve always been that person who has what they want it to look like in their head, but it turns out like a pile of crap. Like a 3 year old has been given the paintbrush (not slating all 3 year olds – there is probably an artistic genius out there that age). I was surprisingly happy with the results though. I decided on one geometrical, and the other paisley mixed with blobs. Technical term.


Now they’re in the garden they really do add such a nice splash of colour. Terracotta can get really dull, so I’d highly recommend having a play around with your own pots. Try out some different designs on paper, and then just give it a crack with the real deal. As mentioned, there’s loads of inspiration on Pinterest. And they can’t look worse than mine!


We potted them with Violas, and they look lovely on the patio. I’m now thinking of trying a theme across the garden, and including some old tyres in the paint work. Matching painted pots and tyres  – can’t go wrong. Have you tried any DIY pot painting in your garden? Send me some photos of yours if you have!


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