Reviewing 2017

As everyone is jumping on the #bestnine2017 tag to post on their Instagram feed, and getting in the prosecco ready for their evening celebrations (definitely need to do this before Tesco closes…) I thought it would be good to do another little round up of my year in the garden.

2017 has been chocka block with new happenings so I’m a little ashamed to say I haven’t spent much time in the garden as I would have liked. I’ve been busy with my dance company, and even did a production set in my local woodlands based on seedlings, but actual time spent on my own plot was limited. So I’ll kick start 2018 by saying I will focus on getting my butt outdoors more!

My resolutions last year were bullet pointed to getting new glasses, sorting out my office at home, working on building my Youth Company, and the following:
+ I plan to try 2 new veggies and continue to expand my knowledge in veggie growing.
+ I have the decking all ready to be laid, I just need the space to be cleared.
+ I plan to keep building on the centre spot.
+ Keep expanding the herb garden with more varieties and adding in my favourites again.

The first three general ‘life’ goals were all accomplished, however the garden ones fell a little by the wayside. I managed to grow some new veggies which I was so happy with – onions, garlic, parnsips and lettuce. The lettuce was casually munched daily by pests, so this is something I’ll be learning from, however the rest worked out a treat and will be wanting to keep these veggies on my list for 2018.

The decking is still standing tall by the sheds (and probably rotting)! We did have a couple of days of hacking at the concrete mess and, to be fair, we have made a dent in it. It’s also made a heap of rubble in the front garden which makes the outside of the house look hideous. So this one is sticking on the 2018 list.

The centre spot is still building, and so many of the shrubs have flourished this year. It’s been great to be a spectator to this. I especially have grown even more in love with Hydrangeas and Hostas. I’d quite like to dry some of the Hydrangea blooms out and have these in the house.

The herb garden got better, and then got worse again. I’ve been left with Rosemary, Parsley and Mint. But they are all growing well and I use Rosemary ALL THE TIME in the kitchen. I might try different varieties of Rosemary next – is that a thing?

So what are my plans for 2018 you ask? Going on from the above –
+ Read and research more – including drying flowers for indoor use.
+ Expand knowledge on pests so I can actually eat the lettuce.
+ Continue with the concrete demon at the back of the garden. Maybe get the decking down. Maybe not.
+ Find new varieties of Hosta and Hydrangea to add to the centre spot and in containers. Adding to this – find some old pots to put them in, to give the garden more of an eclectic feel.
+ Be more creative and inventive in the garden. Use some of those Pinterest ideas!
+ Busy Lizzies – I loved growing these in the long border along the brick wall. Add these again.
+ Don’t let tomatoes self-seed all over the place. Clear out spaces and prep soil earlier.

I may have started some of these already, and actually the last one is nearly done, but who doesn’t cheekily add items to their to do lists just to have the pleasure of ticking them off? So that’s it for this year. I’m looking forward to celebrating tonight’s midnight arrival with two of my bestest friends (and the prosecco if I ever make it to the shop). I hope you all have a lovely evening too, and set yourself some inspiring goals for 2018.



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