Pumpkin Patchin’

Sundays are for chilling with your duvet, films and some good grub. However, Sunday’s in autumn are for searching for the ultimate pumpkin, drinking hot chocolate with a thousand marshmallows in, and watching Halloweeny films.

This is what Matthew and I did this Sunday and it was bliss.


Getting a bit eager for Halloween to approach, I asked Matthew to drive us 50 minutes down the road near Bury St Edmunds to Undley Farm Pumpkin Patch. It’s such a lovely day out for families, and as we’re big kids, we fitted in perfectly.  It was free entry (which actually surprised me). There were a few cute areas to explore such as a craft tent full of spooky goodies and chocolate treats, a Maize Maze to get lost in, as well as the fields of pumpkins to pick. The maze was £5 per adult so we decided not to bother, being the tight asses we are. Instead we picked up a ‘barrow straight away and headed into the expanding fields of orange.

Undley Farm are great hosts – green and metallic barrows ready to borrow and wheel off in the search of the biggest pumpkin, pumpkins already cut off the vine so you don’t have to faff, and plenty of space to hold such an eager bunch of visitors.

Undley Farm said they had at least doubled the size of their crop this year, so there’s definitely plenty to pick and choose from. There was a whole green area in the distance full of gourds still growing and attached to their vines that we didn’t even get around to exploring.

We took our time searching for a perfectly proportioned pumpkin (nice alteration, I know). Some were slimy and trampled, and some were still green. There were hundreds of Cinderella style pumpkins (phrase stolen from my friend Jane who I magically bumped into there – thanks), cute small pumpkins to pop on your dining room table, and pumpkins you couldn’t even bear to lift on your own. We found one of each for our wheelbarrow and I got excited about trying to lift them over my head before placing neatly down. See below for the epic fails.

They were actually reasonably priced too – which really surprised me. Between £1- £6, depending on the size. We picked a massive one and a smaller one for carving and they still were only £4 each. I felt like I wanted to run back into the field and pick up a bigger one if that was all I paid.

They also had wooden crates full to the brim of small pumpkins and squashes. These were only 5 for £2! I adore all the different shapes and colours of these, and they make such great ingredients for soups too.  As you might know I’m a Dance Artist in Suffolk, and Anna Rowe and I are doing a harvest themed dance duet at the end of October, so stocking up on these for props was perfect timing.


Satisfied with our choices we wheeled our pumpkins to the paying station, where they measure up and take payment (cash or card which is great). The staff were super friendly and helpful too. They had carving kits and other cute decorations etc on sale there, so no need to faff, just take home and get carving.

We had a look around the craft tent next.

Matthew and I really wanted to host a big halloween party at ours, but unfortunately we’re both gigging and dancing every weekend close to Halloween. This craft tent would have been ideal to stock up on all the necessary decorations. We loved the candles in the shape of skulls and ghouls particularly.  Although, it wasn’t cheap!

We also had a wander into the BBQ tent which offered hotdogs, bacon ‘n’ egg baps and burgers. The burger was not worth £4.50 in my opinion, but it filled a hole! They did have plenty of picnic tables though, so you could easily bring your own food along. Especially if it was a nice day, you could sit on some of the hay bales they had spaced out in the field.

There were looooads of activities for kiddies that we obviously didn’t get involved with; donkey rides, giant climbable hay bales, inflatables slides and bouncy castles. Not to mention the epic Maize maze with competitions and stamps to collect along the way. Instead Matthew and I headed home with our pumpkins in the back seat. We drank the pre mentioned hot chocolates with marshmallows and watched films under blankets. Snug. We also carved the hell outta our pumpkins. He has NEVER carved a pumpkin before. Shock, horror right? This was just a test run for Halloween in a couple of weeks though. I plan to hunt down in Pinterest the most epic design and abuse Matt’s tool kit.

I also roasted the leftover pumpkin seeds with some salt ‘n’ pepper as per recommendation from the bestie. Yum. So, all in all, a good Sunday in Autumn. I’d definitely recommend a trip to Undley Farm in the next two weeks before they run out!


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