Know Your Onions

Apparently ‘know your onions’ is a well known phrase? I’ve never heard of it until now, but I enjoy it.  I’ve also never grown onions before, so a first for a few things in today’s post!

Along with my onion sets, I tried my hand at garlic too. This was really exciting for me because they’re such a food staple, especially in our house. Matt and I both adore garlic and will add more than the recommended recipe quantity in everything, so having our own pretty much on tap is great. We’re trying our best to save for new adventures together, so saving those pennies is a bonus too!

I have been slacking majorly with my green fingered warrior-ness over the last few months, and normally I like to read up about each new plant I add to my garden so I know what it likes, what it doesn’t. and when it’s ready to harvest if it’s edible. These onions however, it was more of a guessing game. I finally had a few hours yesterday evening so went to inspect the produce and it looked like they weren’t getting any bigger and the stalks had drooped completely over. That was a clue to me to get harvesting.

I dug all of the onions up and cleaned off as much of the mud, and as gently, as I could. I then separated them into 5-6 onions bundles ready to wrap up, hang up and dry. I’ve got a few little cubby holes/small sheds in the back garden so one of them was perfect to hang them all up in. I’d recommend 2-3 weeks for drying out completely, and then can be stored away.

I was chatting to my lovely manager at work about my progress with new growings, and she gave me such an amazing idea! I’ve got plenty of old tights that are ready to go in the bin, so what better than recycling and reusing? This idea apparently came from River Cottage (one of my favourite programmes!) Wash out and rinse your old tights, pop an onion in the bottom, twizzle, tie up and repeat. You should then have a leg worth of onions stacked up. These can then be snipped and released when ready to cook with! Perfect. The tights keep them nice ‘n airy and they’re neater and easier to get to!

 (in my dance gear still from work! Ignore)

I did the same steps with my garlic too. Some had formed bulbs at the top of the stalk. I haven’t seen that happen before, if anyone can tell me why that would grand? I’m going to guess that they can be stored and used to grow more next season. I’ll give it a go either way!

I’m really chuffed that this growing experience was a positive one, and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year with other garlic and onion varieties. What new additions have you tried this year in your garden?



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