Cut ‘n Come Again

Summer days are coming! I love day dreaming about barbecues, pitchers of Pimms and bowls of healthy salads that are so close to becoming a daily reality. Work is well under way in my garden (and in my home with all my growing seedlings on the windowsill) in prep for some quality time out there this summer. I’m ecstatic to see all my shrubs have surfaced and started to grow again. Have a look at my blog post about what’s growing on at the moment if you haven’t already.

Going back to delicious, healthy salad bowls, I’ve started prepping for these already. If you have been reading my blog for some time you might have noticed I like trying out new ideas and getting creative with what to plant in, and my old-school butler sink is a favourite. I had several herbs growing in it last year,  but have now potted them all on in separate pots due to my Mint taking over the whole sink (lesson learnt). So I’m renewing it and starting again with a newbie in my garden – salad leaves and spinach.

This post is all about salad leaves and how versatile and brilliant they are. They are so easy to sow, look after and harvest. I started with two types; Thompson and Morgan’s Cut N Come Again Salad Leaves and their Spinach Perpetual. I started by simply cleaning out the sink, adding fresh compost and leveling it out.


I’ve sown them in drills about 9cm apart. The salad leaves are thin drills as specified on the packet’s instructions, whereas the spinach are thicker drills.

I gave it a good watering and then left it to the elements to germinate and flourish!


A week or so on and they’re coming up a beauty. The spinach are all poking their eager heads through the soil, and a few of the salad leaves too. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can sample some on my plate! On a happy side note, my small Rosemary cutting is doing well too – I’ll be finding a small pot for it soon to help create a small herb area in the garden with my butler sink being the centre of attention.




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