What’s Growing On?

As it’s finally spring and the weather is mostly lovely at the moment, I thought I’d share my spring time progress with you all and let you know what’s growing on in my garden (love a good garden pun). There’s so many days when I’m working and wishing I was in the garden instead, not that I don’t love my job, but it’s always a super gorgeous day weather-wise when I’m working, and grey and dull when I’m not! Sod’s law eh. Therefore, there’s not a HUGE amount of progress on my part but nevertheless, I shall share it with you.

Firstly, and most excitingly, everything I thought was dead has come back, hurrah! Also in such a vigorous way! For example, my beautiful Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’ from last year has suddenly grown out of nowhere and is looking beyond stunning next to my Acer ‘Starfish’. The golden leaves and contrasting pink of the bleeding hearts is so lovely to see and it’s a real striking number in the garden. I might need to move my Acer pot over a little so it’s got room though.


My Acer ‘Starfish’ was my biggest winter priority. There was noWAY this was being killed off by the frost, so I layered it several times over with fleecing! It’s clearly worked and is growing amazingly well within only a matter of weeks from when I last took a photo of it. It really is the centre-piece I was looking for. I’m also still beyond chuffed about the bargain terracotta pot I bought for it’s home.


Next up is my Hosta. This was something I picked up at The Beth Chatto Gardens last year as an infant and this was one plant I was sure I had killed from lack of winter protection. It was the first year I had used straw to keep the roots warm and it looked so miserable as it was dying back. Alas, when I was clearing the shrub area of straw and weeds I saw these 4 little shoots poking through the earth. Within minutes I had trampled on them by accident; classic Karen. But they seem to be doing well and growing steadily. Super excited to have this plant back in action.

There’s also this unknown plant that has come back. It died early on in summer and my friend Lizzie had the same problem with hers. However, it’s a keeper! I cannot wait to see this surprise one grow. I’m just a little worried it’s a big’un. In the garden centre where I purchased it, it was kept in a large container and was huge then. Who knows how crazy this could get. Let me know if you can identify it – it would be so helpful.

My flower border full of Pansies and Violas is still going strong, but I’m already thinking about some summer annuals to replace them. I’ve added a new mirror next to the other one, and hopefully will keep on building this collection to add to my Mad Hatter’s theme area. I’ve got several Lillies creeping back in pots and borders and my Raspberry Ruby Beauties in their containers are coming back with a vengeance too. Hopefully this will be the year for fruit. I’ve got my netting at the ready to keep away the hungry berry loving birds.


In the veggie patch my Onions and Garlic’s are all growing well. They’ll be ready to harvest towards the end of the summer and I already cannot wait. The rest of the patch is pretty bare at the moment. I’m prepping indoors the other items ready to go in, I just need to get out my shovel and rake and sort out the soil. Indoors I have tomatoes (3 varieties), peppers, chillies and a few flower varieties such as Marigold ‘French Vanilla’ on the go. The germination rate is disappointing this year. I’m not sure how much more time to give them, whether I’ve done something wrong or am just impatient.

Other seeds are still in their packets and I’m waiting for the right time to sow them straight into the ground. These are Sweetcorn, Courgettes and Beans (Runner and Broad). You can see how I’ve planned them all in my plot in my last post here.

That’s it for the moment. My dad will be taking down the gigantic tree shortly, and hopefully the concrete will be scheduled a swift removal (actually praying for this so I can FINALLY put the decking and sit somewhere decent in the garden). I’ve got lots of new ideas for garden creations this year including wildflower tyres, hanging plants and an addition of a pop up greenhouse. I just need to get my act into gear and spend some more hours in the garden. Keep your eyes peeled on this area.

I hope your garden is going well – let me know what’s growing on in yours!






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