New Year Resolutions

2017! It’s come around quick and I can honestly say this is the first year I’m really motivated to achieve big things.

Last year saw exciting changes such as moving in with my boyfriend, starting a new job and setting up amazing projects for my dance company. A few things I’m hoping to tick off my to-do list this year include; having my first Youth Dance Company perform in the summer, sort my new office at home, and buying some new glasses (I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years now – trust me it’s high up on my list). However, these aren’t exactly green fingered, so let me focus on my plans for my garden in 2017…

img_8866 img_8864

  • I have a solid veggie patch and I’m currently filtering through my several packets of vegetable seeds deciding what ones to try this year. I can then work out spacing and care instructions for each type. I plan to try 2 new veggies and continue to expand my knowledge in veggie growing.
  • I have the decking all ready to be laid, I just need the space to be cleared. All the loose rubble, roots and trailing green mess has been cleared from the concrete jungle, it’s just a case of a few hard days of blood, sweat and tears removing the large concrete area. Hopefully more sweat than blood! I’m hoping this will be achieved by summer, just in time to sit and relax with a Pimms.
  • My centre spot in the garden is already coming along beautifully; I have a brilliant selection of shrubs already in the ground and thriving. I plan to keep building on this by finding more inspiration in other gardens and garden centres.
  • The herb garden is also taking shape, however my Mint and Rosemary have ceased to remain over winter. Therefore, my plan is to keep expanding this with more varieties and adding in my favourites again this year.

All of this will happen in good time and I’m still working on my patience levels. Hopefully by the end of the year I can review these and see how far my garden has come.

img_8868 img_8869

To recognise the start of a brilliant year ahead (and partly because spring is soooo far away and I’m getting impatient) I’m starting a new tradition. I’ve cracked open a packet of seeds early and have sown a few seeds to bring in the new year with a bang. This year I’ve chosen a brilliant Chili seed; Basket of Fire.

img_8870 img_8871

It says to sow February- April indoors, so fingers crossed it will do just fine with an early kick-start. I’ve just used some Verve compost, sprinkled a couple of seeds on the surface and sprinkled some more compost over the top. I know Chili plants love the warm, so I’m keeping it under cover and by my bedroom radiator (between 18-21 degrees roughly). Maybe I should add an electric propagator to the 2017 wish list?

I’m excited to see how the year pans out and sowing a new seed each January will hopefully be a nice, new tradition of mine. What New Year resolutions and plans do you have? I’d love to hear a few!



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