Trending Foliage

From reading around recently, it appears this year seems to be all about the foliage! Lucky for me I had a bunch of gorgeous shrubs in my garden which are all about showing off their colourful and cool foliage already. Who knew I could pick up on gardening trends!

One of them is my Hosta ‘Guacamole’, it’s looking brilliant and has just flowered! Guacamole seems to be the most perfect name for it, and I can’t really describe why. It’s greeny and yellowy pigments are stunning to the eye and separates it from other Hostas I’ve come across. (It also makes me hungry for Mexican food).


But the one plant I’ve fallen in love with over the past year is the Heuchera. This plant really does scream trendy foliage.

It all started when wandering around Thompson and Morgan’s Open Trial Garden at Jimmy’s Farm (another recommended visit!) in Suffolk. Previously I had thought what’s the point, where are the flowers? Until I came across a whole row of them tucked in between other flowers and shrubs. I had no clue they could add so much texture and colour to your garden!

image image

So I started small, and purchased T&M’s ‘Patchwork’ Mix which had 3 different coloured Heucheras. I got them last October and kept them in the one pot over winter. They didn’t grow much until springtime hit, but then it was suddenly time to find a more permanent space for them directly in the bed. I’ve got 3 varieties (Patchwork, Purple Palace and Silver Scrolls) in one corner at the moment, next to my Hosta. I think a Fern and some Grasses would look good with them as well (the plan in my head at the moment). You can also see in the top of the left picture my Hydrangea ‘Love’ which has recently been planted, and growing quickly; another shrub for my collection.

image image

Since then I’ve picked up Heucheras in nearly every garden centre I end up in. And I definitely have my eye on a few more varieties such as the Berry Smoothie. I’m thinking of adding in another Heuchera area in my bed. It should work well as they’re hardy, great for shaded areas and pretty drought tolerant. I honestly love them.

image image

A bonus; the bees and butterflies adore them. I actually have a huge fear of bees and wasps, which is crazy for a keen gardener I know, and it’s definitely helping this fear dissipate. The more bees visit and ignore me, the more I’m getting used to them, and am happy to stand around watching them collect their pollen.

image image

I also love the way certain varieties of Heuchera have a different shade underneath. The picture above showing the deep red under thhe silver veins. I’m really looking forward to adding to my Heuchera collection in the next year. What Heuchera varieties do you like? Let me know what other cool foliage you have in your garden?






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