Broad Bean & Pea Paté

Another recipe using fresh produce from your garden because, well,  I couldn’t resist!

I’m actually cheating a little with this one, as they’re not from my garden, but from my dads. Him and his partner have such a huge veggie patch and I couldn’t be more envious. They have everything growing from potatoes, shallots and garlic, to runner beans, cauliflowers and horseradish! It’s a dreamy place to visit.

So last week I went down the bottom of their land to pinch some of their produce (well, they have plenty and couldn’t possibly eat it all – I was only helping!) I picked a bag full of broad beans, peas, a fat courgette and some rhubarb. Perfect assortment to make some tasty dinners and desserts in the kitchen with.

A few months ago, in a quirky and highly recommended café in Ipswich (Applaud Coffee), I came across Broad Bean pate on toast and thought it was phenomenal. Therefore knew exactly what I’d be attempting when I got home…

image image

You will need:
600-700g of Broad Beans/Peas
Handful of Mint
Handful of Corriander
Handful of Parsley
Handful of Basil
1 Clove of Garlic (crushed/chopped finely)
1 Lime
Olive Oil (good quality one!)

image image

Start by popping your beans outta their pods. Great fun for the first few, but does take up a lot of time and slowly gets boring! But the task has to be done!

Put them in a pan of boiling water and boil for 4-5 minutes to soften.

image image

Whilst that’s bubblin’ away I picked some herbs from my little patch. I can’t explain how satisfying that was to have ALL of my ingredients in my cupboard or in the garden. I will eventually have more and more each year, which means less and less time in Tesco stocking up to make a recipe!

Crush your garlic and sizzle away in some olive oil in a pan. Don’t let it burn, only needs a few minutes. Then remove from heat.

image image
image image

Find yourself a decent food processor and add all of your ingredients – all the herbs, the garlic, squeezed lime, cooked peas and beans.

Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a lug of olive oil. Whizz away.

image image

Find some containers to pop your pate into and some bread to dip with – all ready to serve. I highly recommend some prosecco and some amazing garlic and herb bread. My mouth is watering just looking back at the pictures.

image image

It really is super easy! Let me know if you give it a try! xo


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