Strawberry Fields Forever

Couldn’t resist using one my favourite song titles.

I’ve been wanting to go fruit picking on a farm for over a year now and this weekend I finally got the chance. I was hoping to last year, but it got to October and I’d completely missed the season to pick anything (and ended up in a field with my best friend foraging – so wasn’t the end of the world)!

Matthew and I had a look around on Google at some classic Suffolk Strawberry farms and came across Gosling Farm Shop in Trimley St Martin – just 15 minutes down the road from us – and decided to give it a go.

image image

It was exactly what I was hoping for, and more. Not only did they have acres of land dedicated to strawberry polytunnels, they had raspberries and blackcurrants to collect punnets full, the cutest garden centre with some of my favourite plants in, and a friendly café to have a drink or lunch in. I was sold.

image image
image image

We didn’t mess around and collected our punnets ready to run around the polytunnels picking our goods. I was surprised at the amount of them Gosling’s had. We both had expected to have to hunt around for the strawberries in the greenery, but there was hundreds in each tunnel to choose from. We could have picked a punnet full in seconds!

However, we decided to be a little fussy and find the most perfect strawberries on the whole farm.

image image
image image

Try before you buy right?

We also had a competition who could find the biggest one – I definitely won!


We must have picked the hottest day of the year so far to hide away in a stuffy, sweltering polytunnel for the hour! We both had to escape every 10 minutes to get some air and the breeze that was about. Perfect time to be a geek and admire my strawberries in the sun.
image image

Once we had filled our punnets to the brim, we went to pay and have a look around the rest of the farm shop.

image image
image image

There were so many plants and pots I wanted to buy – all I can say is bring on payday! I’ll be bullying the lovely Matthew to take me back in a couple of weeks so I can load up the back of his car with half the shop.

I loved the Lavenders in the matching purple pots and there were so many cute, vintage style pots perfect for my Acer trees that desperately need potting up. The shop also was packed full of local produce such as honey, cider and eggs. It made me realise how  amazing Suffolk can be with all it has to offer.

It was super hot so we grabbed the nearest bench outside the cafe to enjoy some grub.

image image

Their sausage rolls were INSANELY good, and Matt and I shared a Vanilla milkshake which was also so fresh and yum! Couldn’t help but dunk a few of our strawberries in too – highly recommend.


I’m currently sat researching some summery strawberry recipes to add these into, so keep an eye on the next post of mine to try yourself!




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