Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

If you have read many of my posts you might have realised I quite enjoy finding different objects to plant in. I think it makes the garden a little more interesting and adds a little more beautiful. You might have also noticed I get my inspiration from many sources – friends, family, social media etc. The latest inspiration was someone who I work with. He also likes to experiment with various planters and he showed me a picture of somone who used teapots.  I thought this was brilliant, and definitely wanted to give it a go! The person had hung them beside a railing along the stairs, so I thought about where mine could go…

image image

I knew I wanted to create an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style area with my teapots, so started by collecting several mix matched teapots, all different colours and sizes. I found the majority of these teapots in a local car boot, each one under £2. Others in charity shops, a little more expensive, but worth it. Turns out they’re more collector’s items than I thought. I started with a small amount of them, to see how I got on, but want to add more to the area now it’s worked exactly how I imagined.

Some of the teapots were quite fragile so I knew it would be a hefty task trying to drill holes in the bottom of the teapot, therefore needed an alternative way to provide drainage. Ergo the stones. I’ve used these before, like with the Sedum containers, and it proved to be extremely effective. I also planned to hang the teapots off the wall from nails that were hammered in. However, when tested the teapots were too bulky and they risked slipping off. I decided to position in random areas in the soil instead amongst other flowers.

image image image

I got to work adding in some potting on compost (Verve – from Homebase – standard and decent) and choosing my plants to pot up. I had grown some Cosmos (can’t remember which variety) from seed that was getting pretty big, and some Busy Lizzie ‘Divine Mixed’ that I had grown on from small plugs. I thought a nice mixture, mostly pinks and purples once flowered, would be ideal for the Mad Hatters section of my garden.

image image

image image

It was then about arranging the teapots in their final positions to get the right effect. I had several Cosmos and Busy Lizzie plants left over and arranged them around the teapots to go directly in the border. I knew Cosmos could grow quite tall so planted the majority of those at the back against the wall, so not to over shadow the teapots or Busy Lizzies, and planted the Busy Lizzies towards the front.

image image

To add to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme I picked up this amazing vintage style mirror from Lizzie and her partner Ben (he does up these awesome mirrors and sells them on Etsy as a side business – recommend checking them out)! It has a little crack in the edge so wasn’t good for sale – but perfect for the garden. I plan to add fairy lights around the mirror and bulk out the border with other plants once the Cosmos and Busy Lizzies are fully developed and I can see the gaps clearly.

image image

image image

Below are pictures of how they’re coming along, a few flowering, and the ones in the teapots cascading and spilling over the edges. I’m so chuffed with this area and can’t wait to continue transforming other areas of the garden.

image image

image image

What quirky ideas have you across and would like to try out in your garden? I’d love to know.


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