After my visit to The Beth Chatto Gardens I thought I better get planting the 10,000 plants I had bought…

Lizzie had helped me pick out half a dozen Sedums, all roughly 5-10cm in ultimate height, so I decided to plant them in terracotta bowls rather than in pots or straight in the ground. We’d walked around and seen many of the smaller plants showcased in this way and we were both dying to get home and try it out.

So here’s a short blog on the how-to…

You need:
Terracotta bowls (roughly 12inches across)
Decorative stones

image image

I noticed the containers already had a decent size hole in the bottom but I added some stones too, to help with drainage.

I had a look at the variety of Sedums I had purchased and separated them, so 2 in one container and 3 in the other. I did this based on the varying heights, making sure 1 variety wouldn’t overcrowd another.

image image

The containers were from Victoria Nursery in Ipswich. If you’re local I highly recommend a visit. They have a great selection of plants, pots, accessories and even goats. Don’t think the goats were for sale though.

The compost and stones were just from B&Q. To my surprise they had a whole aisle for stones and bark etc. There was a really cool bag of ‘Alpine Mix’ stones which would have been ideal to match with my Alpine plants, but I’m so tight with my money I went for a generic bag of ‘use on whatever’. Seems to have done the job nicely though!

I filled the bottom with the stones and added a decent layer of compost on the top.

image image

I gently prized the plants from the pots. The root system on each plant was so strong and healthy, but they had clearly been in their containers too long and needed some more space.

I thought the silvery Sedum with the pink flowers on the other looked really effective.

image image

I then washed the stones before adding them to the top of the compost and around the plants. Always advisable to wash beforehand as they’re normally in big dirty/muddy bags and it takes away from the effect and colour of stones.

image image  image image

I’m planning on adding these to the corners of my new area of garden I’m currently working on. Updates on that soon!

Have you tried anything like this before? I’d love to know how you got on!



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