Springing Into Action

Finally! Spring is here. I didn’t enjoy missing out on an hours sleep last Sunday, but it’s worth it knowing that days are longer and the sun’s still out gone 6pm.

I thought I’d give everyone a little update on how the progress of my garden looks this month and see what I’m up to. Firstly, I’ve been dead chuffed with my seed sowing, especially considering it’s the first year of attempting it. So far I’ve had a selection of herbs; Parsley, Chives and Basil, all germinate successfully. Also my Foxgloves and 2 varieties of Peppers have germinated. I’m giving them some TLC and they will be ready to transplant out in a months time hopefully.

image image

image image

The egg shells, as mentioned in my previous post, can be planted straight in the ground as they will decompose in the earth naturally. I’m hoping to get some metal buckets for the windowsill to transplant some of them into as well. The Foxgloves will need to be slowly acclimatised to the outdoors in a period of roughly 7-10 days before going into my border.

image image

Now it’s April I’m cracking on with the rest of my seeds that are ready to sow. Not quite sure where I’m going to put them all – my room is definitely turning into a small laboratory! Today I’ve spent the afternoon sowing 2 varieties of Tomato seeds which are both cherry tomatoes; Mountain Magic and MoneyMaker. I’ve also just purchased some Tomato plug plants as I don’t trust myself that these will germinate and I won’t kill them before they need to go outdoors.

I’ve got a small-medium patch of soil for my fruit and vegetables which suited my needs last year- it’s the rest of the garden I’m trying to work on now. It’s very late in the season to be prepping and planning still, but with my garden still being a huge concrete jungle, and with the tree that takes away all sunlight still firmly in place, it’s given me some extra time to think about how I want the garden to look in the future.  Spending some time sketching ideas (even if you’re not good at art) is always helpful and I highly recommend. Taking down measurements and researching plant ideas is also crucial to know what will fit and how it might end up looking.

Recently I’ve had a week off work and have been exploring different parts of Suffolk with a few friends. I ended up in the loveliest town; Woodbridge, and fell in love. I’ve only ever been a handful of times but I love going back each time as it’s so peaceful and beautiful. Walking along the harbour I spotted an old washed up rowing boat full of plants. It’s given me huge inspiration for how I want my garden to look.


So far I’ve just been weeding and clearing the areas for when my plants are ready to go outdoors and I’ve ordered a few various annual bedding plants to go in towards Summer. I’ll have to wait until the concrete mess and the tree has disappeared before I can get anything fully transformed. But these ideas and inspirations are helping me on my way and I can prepare for when the time comes.

image image

image image

The big square area is where I’m thinking of putting half an old wooden rowing boat and making it a feature. I can then decide on some big shrubs and perennials to go in and around it. As you can see I’m just filling up dozens of pots to make do at the moment.

Hopefully in the next few months they’ll be some bigger, noticeable changes happening, and of course I’ll keep you posted. For now, it’s just seed sowing and pots galore.




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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Your plants are looking good! Do you use a grow light? 🙂 I can just imagine how awesome your gardens going to be! Well done.


    1. The propagator I’ve used doesn’t actually even work- just keeps them a little warmer than room temperature- no grow light or higher temp! I feel lucky that anything has germinated haha. Thanks so much for your comment – hopefully you can look back in the next few months and see a transformation! 🙂

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