Eggcellent Ideas

I’ve finally got myself a seed propagator (pinched from my dad and his missus) but it’s not massive and has a few injuries. Therefore, I got to thinking alternatives to sowing my seeds.

I bought a really cute multi-pack of ‘Herbs for Windowsills‘ from Thompson and Morgan. I’m planning on keeping most of them indoors in the kitchen, and the odd few can be planted in my butler sink outdoors with the Rosemary and Mint, but since they’ll be indoors I thought how can I make them look a little quirkier, rather than a boring old brown pot?

After pondering online for several hours I came up with this…

IMG_4793 IMG_4800

As I eat so many eggs it really wasn’t an issue to save the shells and egg containers. Also easy to label them with a sharpie (or get doodling to make them a little jazzier). I’ve seen a few people draw amazing little faces on them, but I’m not so great at drawing and didn’t want to risk ruining the shells, so stuck with boring writing. I might try a few more batches in the coming weeks and go all out and buy some paints so I can have a little pastel collection.

So here’s the how-to…

6 eggs & carton
Sharpie/paints etc
Seed packets
Something sharp like a needle or pointy pen

If you aren’t patient enough to wait until you have eaten through a whole egg carton you can always cut the top off with a knife and empty the eggs into a bowl to begin. Make sure to eat them though.


Once you have a carton full, make sure you have washed them out thoroughly. I’ve rinsed mine well and left to dry on the side. I’ve seen some people boil them clean too – up to you.

IMG_4761 IMG_4766 IMG_4776 IMG_4779

Once they’re dry take your sharp object, I used a pen, and poke a small hole in the bottom on the shell for drainage, and chop off the jaggered edges that make it look rubbishy.

IMG_4781 IMG_4782

Next, using a spoon, which makes it easier, take a heap of compost and carefully pop it in the shell. Fill up so it has a decent depth.

IMG_4790 IMG_4793

Using your fingers, or tweezers if too smaller seed, take your seeds and pop into the shells. Remember to read your packet’s instructions for the depth requirements.

Leave on a sunny windowsill and let the germination process begin! Remember to keep the compost moist or as instructed. Once they have shooted and established a good root growth you can plant them out in the garden or pot up into larger pots. The great thing with this idea is that the egg shells are naturally biodegradable and won’t damage your garden.

IMG_4799 IMG_4797

My next mission is to source some old mis-shapened teapots for the garden to use as planters. I’ve got a bare wall calling for a feature. Let me know of any quirky ideas you have come across or tried yourself! Drop me a comment or email, I’d love to hear from you.






9 Comments Add yours

  1. As always a great blog. i love your clever ideas ya lil ole brain Box you xx


  2. What a great idea! Will try this later on when its time!
    Thanks for sharing!
    /anna from stockholm


    1. Thanks for your comment Anna and for taking the time to read my blog!
      Fingers crossed mine all germinate – will update with photos in a few weeks hopefully!
      Karen, the young gardener x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karen, will be interestin to follow!


  3. Jerry Richardson says:

    This is genius. I’m gonna try it


    1. Definitely do! I’m sure you can make yours look way more artistic though Jerry! Share a picture with me if you do 🙂
      My chives have just started germinating!


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