Apple Mint Mojitos

It’s so handy having a little herb patch outside your kitchen door/window. I’ve only got Rosemary and Mint at the minute, but I can’t wait to add more to my herb garden this year.

After purchasing my new Apple Mint plant at the beautiful Walled Garden, I decided to test out the taste. I’ve been using it all month long for various amazing foodie recipes such as Feta and Olive Greek salads and Deliciously Ella’s fab Courgette, Lentil and Mint salad. However, it doesn’t matter how much I love my food, I can’t resist a good cocktail even more.

So how about a refreshing mojito? Slurp away those cold (almost snowy) evenings with one of these concoctions…

Perfect for a night in, or out, with the girls. And don’t think you’re super manly lads, you can easily knock up a few of these for a boys session too. Really simple recipe to follow as well.

You will need:
White Rum
Lemonade/Soda Water
Apple Mint Leaves
Squeeze of a lime + a few extra wedges
Ice (preferably crushed)

Flamingo and Kilner glasses (optional)

Firstly, add the ice to your glass, fill it right to the top, and squeeze some over half a lime.


Next, add the mint leaves. Lizzie advises to give them a good spanking beforehand to release the flavour. Add the wedges of lime and mash it up with a rolling pin or something heavy.


Next, add your serving of rum! Measure to taste/how rubbish your day was. Top up with soda water or lemonade.

image image

Final touches, a straw to slurp. Yum!

image image


We also tried a lemony twist on a classic G+T – not with mint this one – but I couldn’t resist showing it to you. (I aim to have some citrus trees in the garden soon so next time maybe they’ll be made with my own lemons!)


We cracked out Lizzie’s finest Bombay Sapphire for this one. And her fancy diamond-shaped ice cubes.

Add some wedges of lemon to your glass along with a few cubes of ice.

image image

Add a slug of gin and top it up with some bitter lemon. Dead simple but dead tasty.

Sit down, have a giggle and relax. My idea of a great Friday night with my best friend and these drinks were the perfect accompaniment.

image image

Lizzie and I had a lot of fun making these.Why not try this out yourself? Send some photos in your funky glassware like our flamingo ones (from Ikea for under £1 if you were wondering)!


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  1. Wow! they look yummy, and with the expensive Gin too. You know how to live don’t you TheYoungGardener? Good for you…

    Liked by 1 person

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