Feeling Festive

I’m really lucky to live pretty much next door to such a beautiful park. I decided it was a good time to get some exercise and went for a stroll early afternoon.

image image

It was of those winter days, when it’s super cold outside so you need a coat and scarf, but the sun is high in the sky and illuminating everything. It’s beautiful. I wandered around with headphones in, meandering around the ponds, trees and dog-walkers.

image image  image image

I attempted to make a few new friends, but I’m clearly not the squirrel whisperer.


I spotted a few pine cones scattered around the floor and had an idea. I gathered up as many as I could fit in my tiny bag and went home to raid the DIY/craft bag…

image image

I’ve never really been Christmassy, but since living with my housemate I’ve been slowly converted. I’m hoping we can put the Christmas decs up in the next week (it will be the first week of December, so it’s allowed)!

So I thought what might be nice is a little homemade festive effort. Some glitter and shimmering pine cones to place in a bowl or to hang up in the tree. Could even go the whole way and make a wreath to add them into! Options are endless.

So here’s my attempt…

Step 1: Forage in your local park areas to collect as many pine cones as you can. Take them home to dry out.

image image

Step 2: Get yourself some metallic spray. Mine was from Wilkinson’s for under a fiver (Or miss out the next step and go for some glitter spray – bit easier). Probably do this part outdoors if possible due to the fumes. Lay down some newspaper, or an old copy of Heat in my case, and spray away. Make sure you get every little nook and cranny.

image image image image

I went for the classic gold and silver.

Step 3: Wait for them to dry, unless you want gold-coloured hands. Next, find some glitter/glitter glue (again from Wilkinson’s for around £2) and a paintbrush. Add a small amount to the pine cone and brush around the entire area until its covered in glitter. Leave to dry.

image image

Ta-dah! Your festive pine cones are ready to be added to the tree or a festive bowl.

image image

Let me know what you do with yours – or any other festive homemade decorations that are good to try out.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. emandabag says:

    Love this! Makes me feel sad not to have a wintery Christmas this year but I’m glad you’re FINALLY feeling festive …I love glitter!!!


  2. They have all opened up now they area completely dry and look amazing!! So chuffed!!


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