Innovation In The Garden

I’ve been given a secret mission at work; to trial a new watering device (which looks a like Lego to my surprise and excitement)!

Like Lego, you can build it in various ways. I like a simple tower block, but you can experiment with different ways like shown below;

image image

Even though it looks complicated with all the smaller elements, its actually dead simple.

image image

Grab a wick (or cheap string found in the bottom of a kitchen drawer in my case) and attach a paperclip to one end. Poke it through the mini sponge-like contraptions. This will allow the water to be absorbed and give your plant a good drink.

image image

Then, make a small hole using a dibber or pen lid, and poke your plug plant in.

image image

Now, that’s the hard work over.

Pop the sponge-like compost mould with your plug plant in, into the little areas provided, put the lid on, and add water! The water trickles down to each layer so that each section is fully watered and good to grow.

image imageimage image

There’s little side windows so you can see the water level at the bottom. So far, so good.

The material is sturdy and due to the material, won’t mind rain water. There’s also a few snazzy colours – hot pink, stylish grey, or the one I’ve chosen – cool blue. We’ll see how the plants like their new watering system. Probably much better than me forgetting to give them attention!

image image

Would you use something like this? Let me know yours thoughts on something new like this xo




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  1. Looks like fun with bricks, can’t wait to see the results…


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