Top Tips

As I’ve been slowly transforming my little garden, I’ve been listening to advice from more and more people to help improve as a gardener.

So here are my top tips for this season to help get things into gear.

1. Keeping things tidy

Might sound lame and boring, but it’s really key. It’s simple too, if you just keep on top of it.

image image

Clearing up pots and storing them away, putting away canes that have been finished with for this season, and tidying your shed or storage area so everything has it’s place. Ready and raring to go in the spring time.

image image

Cleaning your tools is key too. Make sure you clear them up and put them away so you aren’t wasting pennies buying new equipment!

2. Protecting your pots

My Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’ and Heuchera ‘Patchwork’ are only in their infancy so need shelter from harsh winds and heavy rain. I’ve moved them, along with my pots of Allium bulbs, to a more appropriate area of the garden.

image image

I’ve also grabbed a few bricks to rest to pots on so that they can drain easily and the bulbs won’t rot.

image image

I need to buy some nets to protect them from animals (our lovely neighbours cat mainly) and fleecing for when the weather changes drastically in the new year.

3. Keeping digging up tubers.

I only dug up about 2/3s of my Dahlia tubers previously (how to here), but the rest had started to die off so I got back out there to clear out the rest.

I’ve put the rest of the tubers in the same box as the others and covered with newspaper to keep them dry and cool. You can continue to dig out tubers for Begonias and Dahlias etc.

4. Keep harvesting.

My sweetcorn has started to die, which means I need to pick off the rest of the cobs. The same with my chili ‘Ceyenne’ pepper.

image image

image image

With the chilies I’ve been thinking of making my own dried spice mix. I’ll soon spend an afternoon in the kitchen experimenting with various ways to do this. Let me know if there’s a super easy way to do this – I’d love some hints and tips, just drop me a comment below!

5. Think about springtime!

Start getting prepared for next year, it’s never too early. You can sketch out ideas, chat to people for advice, and start to look around for good deals on garden tools and equipment. (if anyone can recommend a good deal on mini greenhouses – gimme a shout!)

I’ve been having conversations to start making preparations to move the rest of the concrete and the massive tree which takes away all the sun from areas of the garden.

image image

(as you can see, the tree likes to cause a lot of mess in the garden at the moment!)


Let me know what you’re planning for your garden next year


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