Forcing Hyacinths

Recently, as I’ve been in the garden doing various jobs, I’ve been thinking about the bulbs I had planted back in September. I’m a little impatient and starting to wish spring would hurry up so I can enjoy the flowering of my Allium and Anemones.

It got me thinking though…. and I came across an article about forcing bulbs indoors earlier.

Hyacinth bulbs – perfect for forcing bulbs.

It’s perfect for impatient people like me, but also if you don’t have a large garden, or one at all! You don’t need compost for these either. Super easy!


Only certain types of bulbs will work, so I went for Hyacinths as I’ve read they are the best. You just need a bowl, or ideally a carafe, and some water. Glass is the best option, so you can see the roots of the bulb and check the water level easily.


You want to rest the bulb at the top. If you’re using a bowl you can line the bottom of the bowl with stones or pebbles, making sure the bulb rests gently on the top without touching the water. If it touches the water then it can start to rot the bulb.
IMG_2496 IMG_2498

Leave them in a cool and dark room (7-9c) until the shoot is roughly 5cm tall. I’m guessing this should be around 2 weeks.

Then, move to a bright sunny position (18-20c). Turning the carafe/bowl occasionally as they will follow and grow towards the light.

IMG_2502 IMG_2500

I got mine offline, but paid silly amounts for the postage! (I’d literally hunted tons of shops for quirky carafes but couldn’t locate any, so turned to my trusty eBay). However, you can get them in Wilkinson’s for around £3 in various colours.

You can also hunt around for quirkier, cooler carafes to sit the bulb in. I saw so many amazing colours and sizes on eBay, so will probably head back there if this attempt is successful.

hyacinth vases

I’ll post an update in a month’s time to see how they turn out.
If you try it out too, please feel free to post a picture of yours below in the comments, I’d love to see! xo


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  1. What a super article. So informative and well written. I’m possibly going to try to “force a bulb” lol. Sounds a bit pushy but there you go! Thanks the young gardener for you great idea.


    1. Thanks Wendie! I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂 Will post a picture of how it’s looking in a few weeks time.


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