Pansy Prepping

Winter is coming, quicker than I’d hoped for too- already had to bust out a coat and scarf! In the garden there are changes happening too.

Summer flowering plants, such as Dahlias and Petunias, which aren’t hardy enough for the winter, have been replaced with more resilient varieties such as Pansies. See the transformation of summer to winter is this recent post Winter Is Coming.


Pansies are one of my favourite flowers (they remind me of happy faces). I also love this variety I’ve chosen, Pansy Matrix Mixed. Bright, vibrant, mixed bunch of colours to cheer up the garden in the gloomy months ahead.

Mine have come as plug plants, which means they’re smaller and need a little more TLC. I don’t have a greenhouse or a place to bring them on in the warm, so I’ve chanced it and put them straight in their final positions.


I’ve gone for hanging wall container and pots this time. I bought mine from The Range. Only £1.99 each and sturdy. I love The Range for all things garden – cheap and reliable.

image image

Hanging baskets are also easy to do, just get the hanging baskets, liners and compost, and depending on the size of the hanging basket/ pot,  you will be able to fill them with lots of these little plugs to get a full display in a few weeks.

image image

Make sure you space them out so they don’t overcrowd and compete with each other. It helps if you know the ultimate spread of the plant, then you can space them accordingly.

image image image image

I’ll keep you updated with how they turn out (possibly expect dead plants and pictures of soil -very optimistic eh!)

image image




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