Winter Is Coming

So with a few weeks left until November I thought it was best to get out in the garden and sort out my annuals that won’t survive when the frost hits.


My Petunias were looking frail and past their use by date, so I got to work digging them out and adding them to my compost heap.

However, my Dahlias, even though have been grown as annuals, have formed tubers underneath with the roots. I started by digging them out and salvaging the tubers to store over winter.

Always check online or ask someone what seeds or tubers can be stored over winter. It’s good for money-saving and especially if you loved the display of flowers from this year.

How to:

IMG_2164 IMG_2167

Clear the space around the plant using a fork. Gently take the base of the stem and pull so you can rip out easily.


Shake off as much of the soil as possible so you can expose the roots and tubers.


Take some secateurs (or scissors in my case – still building up my gardening equipment!) and cut as far down the base as possible.

Ta-Da! Your tubers are ready to put into a cardboard box and store. Line the box with newspaper to keep dry and covered. Make sure they’re in a dark and frost-free space.

A lot were still flowering so I didn’t want to throw them all a heap so decided to pick a few for the house too. My lovely house mate is always buying them from the shop, so I thought I’d save her some pennies!

With the rest of the plant, cut the stems at the appropriate length for the vase, and keep fresh in the house for as long as possible.

IMG_2171 IMG_2173 IMG_2185 IMG_2184


Still a few left to go, but saves me a job when it gets too cold. Now to get that broom out and sweep up the mess I’ve created!



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