Herbs – Rosemary and Mint

I had some Thyme on my hands, so decided to get my herbs sorted.

As I’ve said before, even if you don’t have a garden or access to an allotment, you can always grow some pots of herbs. Most are perfect for a sunny windowsill in the kitchen where they are easy to pick for dinner.

As I’ve got a little more room I decided to plant some outdoors.


When we moved into this house the garden wasn’t the only thing that was a mess. My dad and I (mostly my dad) ripped everything out and started again (property development king). This huge butler sink was part of the upheaval. No way was I letting that go.

IMG_2196_copy IMG_2128

I’ve always liked the look of quirkier objects to plant in, such as a bicycle basket, odd looking pots etc. I think it adds a nice addition to the garden. I plan to plant something in this old toilet tank in springtime.

With my recent purchase from The Walled Garden I got to work planting my Rosemary and Mint in the butler sink.

Step 1 – Dig a hole deep enough for the roots to spread out, and take your plant out of its pot.
Step 2 – Add some water to the hole so your plant doesn’t get thirsty, and put it in.
Step 3 – Cover the hole back up with the soil and pack the plant in nice and tightly.

IMG_2126_copy IMG_2195 IMG_2194_copy

Easy as 123.

Herbs like Rosemary and Mint are also great for winter. They are so resilient and won’t budge during the cold weather. Why not try some yourself? Keep near the kitchen door and they’re perfect for harvesting throughout the year and adding great flavours to your favourite dish.




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  1. Got some Thyme on my hands. Brilliant. Lol. Really lovely and informative post. Nice one. I’m gonna get some potted herbs for my windowsill thanx for the idea xxx


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