The Walled Garden

Visiting a garden centre is always a great way to inspire new creations for your garden. A few friends have recommended The Walled Garden in Saxmundham ( as a worthwhile visit, so my friend Lewis and I decided to check it out one sunny afternoon.

I went with no intentions to buy anything, just to mosey around and get a feel for the place. They have so much to see, from garden furniture to herbs.

IMG_2085  IMG_2099

The word quaint would be a perfect way to describe The Walled Garden. The space is divided into rows of plants listed alphabetically, with pots and garden furniture dotted around the outside and in small clumps. The staff rushing around in between the rows adding new species to the mix. They are all super friendly and helpful too.

There is a large conservatory with all the smaller, more fragile plants in. So tempting… but I resisted.

IMG_2108 IMG_2107 IMG_2105 IMG_2077

It’s not a garden centre you can get lost in, but there’s areas to walk around and even grab a cup of tea or coffee. I even made a friend!

(not just the staff who are friendly!)

I’d definitely recommend a visit to this garden centre, whether it’s just to get out for the afternoon, or if you’re in need of some new plants for the corner of your garden.

IMG_2109 IMG_2101

Turns out I couldn’t resist and ended up taking away these two little’uns. I think they would go perfectly in my herb bed. Have a look at my recent herb post for some more ideas or how to use the Apple Mint in a cheeky Mojito in the recipes section.


Apple Mint & Rosemary (my favourite smell in the world!)


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