The Transformation Begins…

We moved into this house early last year and the garden was so overgrown. I wish I had taken pictures of the ‘before’, as it has already transformed an incredible amount.  Half a dozen trees have been dug out and a heap of concrete has been broken up with everything cemented in, from old green bottles, to curtain poles. Who knows – maybe the previous owners were into some funky art?

garden 1 Garden

I so badly wanted to sit and chill in the garden so the transformation began!

I started by digging out all of the borders and re-vamping the soil with some good quality compost. I made sure all the roots from the previous trees were dug out – which was the biggest work out and probably the most I’d sweated in a while (see, gardening is also good for keeping fit and healthy!)

As I’m so new to gardening I decided to cheat and bought some garden ready plants. Highly recommended as you can just chuck them in straight away, feed, water and voilà, a beautiful garden within 2-3 weeks. They are a bit more expensive that just buying seeds or plug plants, but I got some on offer at Thompson and Morgan, so it worked out well. I picked mixed Dahlias, Petunias and Gazanias. I hadn’t given much thought to a colour scheme or patterns, so it’s very jumbled and bright!

IMG_2125 IMG_2148 IMG_2123 IMG_2124

I wanted to grow some sunflowers too, so had an attempt at growing from seed this time. These were brilliant as you can plant them directly outdoors in their final positions without having to worry about propagators or greenhouses. However, I got too excited and sowed them the wrong time of year which means they are ready to flower now, in October. Oops. I also didn’t read the packet’s instructions which told me to space them 45cm apart. I just threw them in a general area and they are not in a neat row as I pictured in my head. Double oops. As I said, I’m learning.

IMG_2152 IMG_2155

Just these few small additives have transformed the small space already. When spring comes around I can start again with more of a blank canvas and actually plan how I want the garden to look like (of course Autumn is for just sitting about – plenty of jobs can be executed this time of year). Any thoughts or inspiration is welcome – just drop me a message and let me know what you think would look good in my border!



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